Month: September 2019

3 papers get accepted to IEEE BIBE

Congratulations to Seda, Lydia, Bharat and teams. All three papers got accepted to the 2019 IEEE International Conference on BioInformatics and BioEngineering.

Congratulations to Jiawei Ge for receiving NCI CRTA fellowship

Jiawei Ge and team win the UMD-NCI Partnership for Integrative Cancer Research grant competition. PhD student Jiawei Ge will be supported through NCI CRTA (Cancer Research Training Award) fellowships starting in the Fall 2019.

Donation made to Flycyle Research Project

Thank you to Dr. Jackson Yang, Professor Emeritus and President and CEO at Advanced Technology and Research Corporation, for the generous donation to support medical robotics research on the Flycyle.

Lydia Zoghbi receives Dean’s Fellowship and acceptance to the PhD program

Congratulations to Lydia Zoghbi for receiving the Dean’s Fellowship along with her acceptance to the PhD program in mechanical engineering at UMD.

Hamed Saeidi’s research project has been nominated to the Invention of the Year in Healthcare

Hamed Saeidi’s confidence-based robotic surgery project has been nominated for the Invention of the Year in Healthcare at the UMD’s annual celebration of research and innovation in 2019. (

3 Accepted Papers to MICCAI Conference

Nice work Star, Jiawei, Michael and teams. All three papers have been accepted to the 2019 Medical Image Computing & Computer Assisted Intervention (MICCAI) Conference in Shenzhen, China.